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PLS is a means by which pharmacists and pharmacies, as well as other entities such as interns, technicians, law firms, etc., can have a ready source for questions and concerns relating to legal issues in pharmacy. When a question arises, you contact PLS and we respond in a timely manner. We address questions across a wide range of topics, from filling issues, to Board of Pharmacy concerns (especially those you may not want to ask the Board first), to employment contracts. And we do this for every state in the US.

The practice of pharmacy has been, for decades, generally all about the care and well-being of the patients.  The People seeking our services, products and advice were all the pharmacist had to be concerned about.  However, with time and the evolution of health care, the legal side of the practice has come to the forefront and much of a pharmacist’s day–and precious time–are given over to ensuring that the services , products and advice are done so legally.
Pharmacy Law Source provides pharmacists, technicians, interns, owners, and permit holders a timely and reliable resource for answers to the questions you have every day.  “Can I fill this prescription?”  “What is the law on that?” “Can this practitioner prescribe this drug?” When these questions come up, PLS can be there to give you a prompt response you can trust.   PLS is a valuable source you can trust to supply the information you need to be able to practice safely, legally, and putting your patients first, back where they belong.

Pharmacy Law Source

Pharmacy Law Source is the brainchild of Peter Cohron, BSPharm, JD, and Alissa Langley, PharmD. After law school, Pete began doing Kentucky pharmacy law reviews in 1998, quickly gaining a reputation for having a high (currently better than 98%) pass rate on the first attempt at the MPJE. He went on to teach Pharmacy Law and Health Law at the University of Kentucky from 2002-11. Alissa was the owner of a highly successful specialty pharmacy, providing prescriptions to patients in a number of states. Alissa and Pete spoke frequently to consult on the differing state laws and rules, as well as contract obligations and limitations. In 2015, Pete and Alissa met to discuss the need to be able to provide other pharmacists and pharmacies with a means to get timely answers to legal issues relating to pharmacy. Thus, Pharmacy Law Source (Alissa came up with the name) was born.

We Offer The Following

Pharmacy Law Source offers a number of legal services related to the practice of pharmacy.
The list below describes some of our services.


Document Creation and Review

PLS writes contracts, agreements, employment contracts, patient information and patient consent forms, invoices, non-compete and non-disclosures, and other documents that will help keep your pharmacy practice legal and safe. Does a potential buyer, other party, employer want to supply the document? PLS will review the document for you and advise you accordingly.


Employment Law Issues

Have an issue on the job? Infringement on your professional judgment, understaffing, retaliation for a professional act or decision, sexual or other harassment. PLS can help. The pharmacist shortage has evolved into an overage, and many older, more experienced, higher paid pharmacists are being forced out for lower paid, new graduates. If your record and your evaluations are good, you may have a cause of action.


Board of Pharmacy Matters

PLS has represented pharmacists in matters with state boards of pharmacy across the country, from North Carolina to Alaska. From issues related to opening or closing a pharmacy to privacy concerns to diversion issues to actions against a license, PLS has seen these and helped pharmacists, pharmacy owners and permit holders in dealing with the state board. If these matters include the federal government, PLS has experience there, also.


Expert Witnessing

PLS has served as an expert witness in a number of lawsuits, both through deposition and trial testimony. If you are involved in a lawsuit and need a reputable and reliable professional opinion regarding the issue, PLS is here for you.

Licensing Issues

Obtaining a new license, reciprocating to another state, or seeking re-licensure after an issue—whatever the issue, PLS can help guide you and/or represent you through the process. Protecting your license is our main concern.

Services We Offer

Along with being able to provide answers to questions, PLS provides other benefits to its members.

PLS is expanding its pharmacy law reviews to other states

Here, we are beginning with states close to Kentucky but will branch out to provide pharmacy law reviews for all states over time. Currently, pharmacy law reviews are available for Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina. Colorado and Maryland are being prepared. Pete is willing to travel to different states to do live reviews, and with two months warning, can prepare a pharmacy law review for any state.

PLS will provide its members quarterly newsletters, available online.

Topics will be recent changes in the law, recent cases relating to pharmacy and medicine, updates from agencies such as state Boards, the DEA or FDA, and questions from pharmacists likely to affect the practice of other professionals. Email blasts will be sent on important issues needing to be communicated insantly.

PLS is setting up a Continuing Education program.

At first, most of the CE will be written and available on the website (finishing construction) but will branch out to live CE as desired by pharmacists. The focus of CE by PLS will be of a legal nature.

Our Membership

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Annual Fee: $100

Includes: 6 questions annually, access to quarterly updates and membership forum

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Includes: Unlimited questions, Attorney-client privilege, access to quarterly updates and membership forum, access to annual CE provided by

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1-2 Pharmacies under same entity/ownership: $500

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Includes: Unlimited Questions annually, access to quarterly updates and membership forum

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Should pharmacy technicians have malpractice insurance?

The bottom line is: yes.

The need for pharmacy technicians to have their own malpractice insurance has become abundantly clear in recent years.  Lawsuits due to pharmacy errors that include the technician are on the rise for a number of reasons.  Attorneys who used to just see monetary awards from errant pharmacy owners and pharmacists now include in their gaze the technician who made or contributed to an error or mistake.



The medium-sized hospital I work at is looking at closing for several hours at night. This is due more to staffing issues than patient population. Our question is about the on-call pharmacy. Does the law require the pharmacist on-call to be able to get to the hospital in a certain amount of time?

State pharmacy law (in every state Pharmacy Law Source is aware of) requires a hospital to have a pharmacist on-call when the pharmacy is closed. PLS is unaware of any specific time or distance limit for these pharmacists. Obviously, the pharmacist needs to only be a reasonable distance from the hospital.


I am not sure that this is a legal question. But I am concerned about legal ramifications.
Jane Doe has been seeing Dr S—- for decades. While an OB-GYN specialist, Dr S—- is a “whole body” physician and treats his patients for more than just OB-GYN issues. Dr S—- treats hypertension, cholesterol, asthma, GERD, etc, usually quite successfully.

Recently, Jane’s third party insurance required her to see a primary care physician for a physical. This doctor referred her to a cardiologist. The cardiologist chose to change Jane’s blood pressure meds. When Dr S—- heard about this, he told Jane to ignore the cardiologist’s


I opened a new pharmacy a couple of years ago. I think that my business model, workflow, strategies, etc are unique in many ways. [PLS is aware of the type of pharmacy and its business model but cannot go into detail]. I have to admit I stole pharmacists and technicians as well as other staffing from other pharmacies by offering better pay and benefits. Now, my competition is luring these people back with pay and benefits that exceed mine. I fear that if they explain my business model, strategies, etc to my competition, that this could seriously impact my business. What can I do?

With the current dearth of employees, your concern is real.


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